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Voted #1 Price Per Head Sportsbook

We have over 10 years experience in developing the most advanced bookie servicing system.

With us, you’ll make more cash and be better protected from privacy invasion. With we have your back.


Lines... Get Complete Control

Move your own lines, decide what lines to show to players, for what games, half times and other options… with us, YOU are in power.

100% Secure

We provide our own internal messaging system and don’t record personal details. This ensures that your information is always safe.

Free Extras

In-Play Gaming – Let your players bet DURING the game. Over 67% of in-play wagers are lost – Make more money… for FREE!

If you are a bookie and you sign up with us, we will help you make more money and stay safe. With us, you only have to hand out player accounts, and then collect or pay players on a weekly basis. We’ll take care of putting out lines, taking wagers, grading bets, and doing all the numbers. We’ll also give your players casino, live casino, horses and even live betting!

To get started, simply fill out the form on our website or give us a call. One of our representatives will send you a 1 week free trial account of our system. If you like it, great, you’ll only have to pay a small weekly fee for the active players you have during a week. If you don’t, you owe us nothing.

So give a try. By next season, when you see your earnings go up and you are enjoying greater peace of mind, you’ll be happy you gave us a shot.

Unlike many of our competitors, we offer true high end security. We encrypt our conections and our databases so that they cannot be accessed by unwanted third parties. We have created an internal messaging system so you don’t have to rely on unsecured email accounts… all communication between bookie, player and us happen over our own system. We keep minimal records so even if there was a breach… no information can be used against you.

We provide our bookies with special sharp action systems to help protect against wise guys.

We allow bookies to move their own lines, adjust balances, edit bets, put in late bets and much, much more. We have created our own software system to ensure we can implement any changes or special requests our agents might have.

We provide bookies with free websites, great designs, and easy to use log in and reporting systems.

We keep all balances in a safe manner, so if you choose to no longer do business with us, we can refund your remaining balance quickly.

Our system has a feature where you can be notified of certain types of bets. We can notify you via email and/or cell phone text messaging if there are large wagers, or simply if you want to stay on top of what is going on with your business on a real time basis.

If your players speak spanish, Chinese or French, we have you covered: our software is already translated into these languages and you can easily set it up so players see whatever language you like.

Whether you like to handle balances the old school way or to handle zero balancing, we can set you up with either.

If you have a lot of wise action, we have systems to help counter any steam play. For example, you can set a delay timer for accepting bets on certain accounts.

When you edit your lines, you can put in soft or hard shades, so that a line either stays at your desired level, or moves based on our line managers + or minus any point or money line spreads you request.

Do you like to let your players buy points? With our system you can edit whether players can or can’t, how many points they can buy and even the price at which they can buy points.

If you get too much exposure from certain teams, we have a system that can allow you to restrict betting limits on a per game basis.

As far as parleys are concerned, we also have you covered. You can edit the amount of teams your players can parley, you can edit the number of underdogs they take, you can even change the money lines of parleys for fixed parley odds. This can greatly reduce the risk of agents whose players like to parley, and at the same time increase the profitability of parleying players.

For many bookies, some bets are just too risky. We understand. If you only have a few headcount, you are probably not going to want to book +10,000 lines. So we have built a feature to overide any lines above a certain limit you put. So if you don’t want bets with lines higher than +500, then you can input that into the system and every line above that will be automatically trimmed down. You can also simply restrict and not show any wagers with a moneyline beyond your comfort zone.

Some bookies have great customers. And it is important to take care of good customers. That is why we built a feature that will allow agents to offer players a free bet as a compensation. This free bet is calculated on a separate balance and only goes into the player’s cash balance upon completing a wager with the free play.

With all these features, backed by a long standing, well earned reputation as a confidential and reliable provider, the question isn’t why you should join – But why you haven’t joined already.

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